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gcc-6809 Utilities

Matthias Dörfel has done quite a bit of work on a version of gcc for the 6809. I have taken this and written and modified several utilities to make this compiler easy to use with the color computer and linux.

These utilities include:

makebin Converts the .s19 file as output from as6809 into a coco binary format for loadm, cloadm, or dloadm.
dload I found this on os9archive. It worked ok, but I had to port it from MS-DOS to Linux. I also made it's output prettier and a little less verbose.

My current development system includes a 386-33 running linux 2.0.30 that is connected via a serial port to an F-board coco. The rom on the coco is old enough to have a working dload command so I don't need any disk or cassette drives. I compile my program on linux, assemble and link. Next, I use makebin to convert the a.out.s19 file to a binary and then use dload to send it to the coco. Once there, I execute it and ta-da, beautiful little blips, dots, etc. I'll try to get some example code up here soon.

The shell script looks something like:

bin/gcc09 -S test.c
bin/as6809 -l test.s
bin/aslink -m -b _CODE=0x2000 \
	-b _BSS=0x1C00 \
	-b _DATA=0x2D00 \
	lib/crt0.o \
	test.o \
bin/makebin a.out.s19 b.bin
bin/dload b.bin B /dev/ttyS1

Things to be done:

  • Make dload set the port parameters automagically. Currently, the shell script is a little clumsy.
  • OS9 support. For this, we will need to make the compiler generate position independant code. This by itself won't be a huge task, but making it a useful environment might be.
  • Download Area:

    Current Version 6/4/97

    Build and Install info:

    This is pretty much a standard unix program. You should be able to unpack the tar file and type make. The programs use standard file io and make no system calls. These will probably compile in OS9/68000, but I haven't tried it (gotta fire up the tc70 and try). Be sure to run dload.stty before using dload. This sets the serial port parameters correctly for this type of connection. If you need help with cables etc. I'll try to post some schematics. You can also look on for all of the files dealing with the dload protocol.

    Mail Me.

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