Bryan's Page o' links etc

My name is Bryan Clingman and you've found my homepage. It's not meant to be pretty. I just put stuff here that I want other people to see.

So what's here?

About my computers and operating systems

I started out in the world of computers with my OS-9 on my color computer. OS-9 is great. It's a full unix-like system that's light on memory and fast.

From there I graduated to a Mac classic and later a IIcx.

For the most part I use Linux. I've been using Linux since the days of the SLS distribution (who remembers that?) I believe it was kernel 0.95?. This was all circa 1992. At the time I didn't own an ix86 machine so I installed linux on a machine at Texas Tech in the electrical engineering department.

I still use the sucessor to SLS, Slackware on a couple of machines. For the most part I stick with redhat, although I use debian on my SPARC IPX just for kicks. At last count I had 6 machines in my house running linux. My 1.2GHz Athlon, a Dual CPU P133 machine, a P75, a 486DX2/66, an Alpha AXPpci/33, and my SPARC.

At work I'm forced to used Windows NT/2000/98/Me. Note no href to that company. Nuf said.

BTW, some of my machines also use NetBSD/Mac, and NetBSD/Vax.

This machine runs Apache on Linux.

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Disclaimer: All of the above is purely my fault (except the spelling mistakes, those are Kenny G's fault) Also, the views here are not necessarily the views of my employer or myself for that matter.